Agua Es Life - In Solidarity with #StandingRo

As we all prepare for Thanksgiving, it's hard to ignore what is happening in North Dakota. The fight at Standing Rock should be personal to every citizen of this country. Water is a basic necessity of life that we all need to survive. The way the corporation behind the pipeline and law enforcement are treating the native people who are protecting the water is disrespectful and disappointing. I wanted to do something to bring awareness to the issue, many people in the Latino community are still not aware of what is happening in North Dakota because our major news outlets including Spanish ones are still not reporting on the situation. But I am inspired by all the tribes and people who have traveled to North Dakota to stand in solidarity with the water protectors. I designed the poster below with the intention to bring awareness. The two arrows crossed is a symbol of friendship, the water drop is what they are protecting and all together it makes a shape of a turtle which represents mother earth. Feel free to download the high-res files and distribute to all.  If any of you are interested in a t-shirt, click here.


 If you would like to learn more about Standing Rock, click here to watch a short documentary. 

Other ways to help:
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